Complete Itinerary : Andaman Islands

Visited : Port Blair, Neil Island, Long Island, Kalipur, Little Andaman, North Bay, Ross Island.
Nothing touristy, well maybe one day.

Time - October first two weeks, 2012

Complete Itinerary

Day 1 : Port Blair
1.00 pm – Landed in Port Blair. Checked into Coorg Niwas.

Day 2: Neil Island
6.30 am – Took Ferry to Neil Island from Pheonix Jetty.
8.30 am – Reached Neil. Spent the rest of day at Neil.

Day 3: Neil Island
Still in Neil.

Day 4: Long Island
8.00 am – Took the Ferry to Long Island. Dropped few passengers at Havelock. Proceeded towards Long Island.
1.00pm – Reached Long Island. Stayed at Blue Planet. Only tourist in the island. Visited the market in the evening.

Day 5: Long Island
7.00 am – Woke up with a snake skin in the room. Freaked out!
9.00 am – Started the trek to Lallaji bay along the beach
12.00pm – Really long walk. Reached Lallaji Bay. Chilled out. Drank coconut water.
2.00 pm – Started the walk to village
4.30 pm – Reached Blue Planet.

Day 6: Kalipur
8.00 am – Took the ferry to Errata Jetty
9.00 am – Reached Errata through lot of Mangroves. Took bus to Rangat from Errata
10.00 am – Reached Rangat.
10.45 am – Caught bus to Diglipur
4.00 pm – Reached Diglipur. Really long journey. Slept mostly. Took auto to Kalipur.
4.30 pm – Reached Kalipur, checked into Andaman Pristine Resorts.

Day 7: Kalipur
9.00 am – started the trek to Saddle Peak
10.00 am – Walked along the beach till now, entered the forest.
11.00 am – Realized I didn’t bother enough to hike all the way till the peak.
12.30pm – Chilled out in the forest by the stream. Guide was with me.
1.00 pm – Visited Lamiya Bay.
2.00pm – Watched the rainbows across the ocean
3.30 pm – Back at the base. Alex, Resort owner, picked me up. Back to the resort.
8.00 pm - 12.30pm – Picked Alex’s brain. Lots of stories of Andaman.

Day 8: Port Blair
3.30am – Sanjay, the hotel manager picked me up to take me to Diglipur
4.00am – Reached Diglipur
4.15am – Bus started to Port Blair. Crossed the twice in ferries, went through jarawa reserve. Didn’t see the Jarawas.
4. 30pm – Reached Port Blair, dead tired. Checked into Coorg Niwas.

Day 9 : Port Blair
Too Tired. Did nothing. Slept all day.

Day 10: North Bay, Ross Island
Wanted to go to Little Andaman, but the ship got cancelled.
8.30am – Went to Aberdeen Jetty. Took boat ticket for North Bay and Ross Island.
10.00 am – Went to North Bay. Did nothing. Walked to the lighthouse but it was locked. Talked to a divemaster.
1.30pm – Went to Ross Island. Wandered in the ruins and rains.
4.30pm – Took the last ferry to Port Blair. Walked in the market, bought post cards. Back to Coorg Nivas.

Day 11: Little Andaman
6.30am – Reached Haddo Wharf. Got the luggage screened. Boarded the cruiseliner Samsun. Nice ship. Rained heavily in the open waters. Freaked again.
1.00pm – Reached Hutbay, Little Andaman. Checked into SeaSand hotel by the jetty.
2.30pm – Visited Harminder bay. Saw the nicobaris. Saw a monitor Lizard. A gazillion rainbows. Lot of crocodile warnings. Sunset at Butler Bay beach.
6.30pm – Back at the hotel . Picked another local’s brain. Lots of stories again.
8.30pm - Ate dinner with the locals. Tried not to think of ghosts. Slept later.

Day 12: Little Andaman
5.30 am – Went for a walk along the beach. Met fishermen. Saw their catch. Took photos of my slippers.
7.30 am – Back to the room.
9.00 am – Checked out of SeaSand.
10.00am – Checked in at Blue View resort.
12.00 pm – No petrol in the island. Cargo didn’t arrive yet. Finally managed some from black market. Drove with another traveler to Kala Pathar beach. Beautiful lagoon. Did nothing. Stared at the scenery.
5.30 pm – Got back from Kala Pathar to a bridge. Watched the sun set.
6.30pm - Went to the market. Took ticket. Got back.
7.30pm – Met an Australian couple. Played rummy till 12.30.
12.30 am – Went to bed.

Day 13: Port Blair
7.00 am – Got up. Walked to the beach. Few photos.
7.30am -  9.30am – Ate another local’s brain. Lots of stories again.
10.00 am – Sandfly bites were killing me. Got ready for the ship.
11.00 am – Awesome colors on the beach. Went again, took more photos.
11.30 am – Caught a share auto.
12.00 pm – Reached jetty. Super awesome colors of the beach. Photographed till 1.30pm.
2.00 pm – Boarded the ship, Cambell Bay. It was huge, watched sunset.
7.00 pm – Reached Port Blair.
8.30 pm – Checked into Coorg Niwas.

Day 14: Port Blair
10.30am – Visited Anthropologial Museum
12.30pm – Ate at Andaman Fried Chicken! ;)
2.00pm – Went to cellular Jail.
5.30 pm – Waited around till 5.30 to get the ticket for sound and light show.
6.00pm – Sound and light show.
8.00pm – Back to Coorg Niwas

Day 15: Chennai
10.30 am – Boarded the flight to Chennai.
End of Adventure! Phew.

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