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Hiking Mt. Agung: Midnight misadventures on Bali's Highest (and Toughest) Volcano

Bali may be best known for its beaches or rice fields but it is the least likely place I'd have pegged to go on one of my most tiring hikes ever. When I impulsively decided to climb a 3000+ meter high volcano in the dead of the night, I had no idea it would end up being one of my most enduring memories from the touristy island.
How I learnt Faith can take you places Fear never can, in North Sikkim's Deluge

When I missed out on seeing one blue lake, I was hell bent on seeing another blue lake. Trouble was, I was still recuperating, it was pouring cats and dogs and I wanted to head straight into the eye of the storm in the heart of Himalayas!
When strange places feel like Home

I’ve been to hundreds of places since my journey started at Ladakh in 2008 and till today Ladakh is one of the very few places that truly feels like home - oxygen deprivation, lack of greenery and freezing temperatures notwithstanding! Sometimes the strangest of places feel like home and perhaps the magic lies exactly in not knowing why.
The Legacy Of Living Root Bridges Of Meghalaya

In one the world's wettest places where impossible monsoons swell every stream and batter every bridge, the indigenous Khasi people have devised an ingenious solution by building sustainable bridges that grow stronger every year. Come with me as I visit a finest example of bioengineering, Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya.
Konyaks - The Tattooed Headhunters Of Nagaland

Konyaks are the largest of the 16 tribes inhabiting Nagaland. Located in the mountainous regions of northeast, they are spread across Nagaland and Arunachal in India and Myanmar. They come with a history of brutal headhunting and animistic culture. Today they are a peaceful bunch, only the tattoos remain as a relic from the violent past.

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