The Wandering Soul's Wander Tales.. is a travel blog from India primarily featuring adventure and offbeat travel stories. Consistently ranked high among the top travel blogs in India, my posts enjoy the readership of a highly engaged audience as seen from the many shares and lively comments. I strive to bring quality stories from different destinations coupled with visually attractive high quality photography.

Let's talk numbers
  • 12000+ pageviews per month 
  • 4500+ unique visitors every month
  • 4400+ and fast growing subscriber base through various social media channels
  • Google Page Rank - 3
  • Alexa Rank -  360,911 (Global Rank) | 37,233 (India)
  • Klout Score - 61
  • Key Demographics - Primarily Indian audience, aged between 24-35 years
*Statistics last updated in August 2013

Why you should consider advertising with me
Considering the rapidly growing tourism industry and the fast growing authority of travel blogs, more and more people are taking to blogs to find out information on their destination of choice. By advertising on this site, your product/service can gain maximum exposure by targeting an audience specifically interested in adventure and travel space. If you are looking to promote your product/service in the Indian market, The Wandering Soul's Wander Tales.. would be a good place to consider. 

Possible Collaborations:

  • Image/Banner Ads on the sidebar - If the ads are a good fit or complement the content of the blog, shoot me a mail and I'd be glad to discuss the options for single or multiple ad placements on the sidebar. I would encourage non-obtrusive, relevant and well placed ads, no flashy pop-ups and such. 
  • Sponsored reviews - If your product/service is related to adventure or travel industry, I'd love to sample your offering and do a review on the blog with a link back to your site. Opinions will be mine and I will write an honest review which occasionally might include cons, if any. If I feel there are too many negatives, I can choose not to do the review at all. 
  • Press Trips/ Other Services offered - Apart from direct advertising, I also offer services in the fields of Travel Writing, Photography and partnerships with brands/travel companies to promote their product or tours. For more information check this page - Work with Me!

Things that will NOT work:

  • Sponsored posts with links to external sites - The content of this blog revolves around authentic travel experiences and you will see very less of top 10 lists and such. Because I do not believe in such lists, I believe in experiential travel writing. I do not entertain paid sponsored posts with links to an external site, even if it relates to the content of this blog. 
  • Guest posts - At the moment. I am not looking for unsolicited guest posts. I publish content and opinions that I truly believe in and I am not interested in publishing stuff that doesn't align with my vision. Despite this, if you feel your idea for a story can form a compelling case against my arguments, shoot me a mail and we can discuss. But please note, I offer no compensation for such posts, can only offer decent exposure.  
The ad should relate to travel, adventure or photography in a broad category. Shoot me a mail at for any inquiries and I'll be glad to discuss your proposal. 

Full Disclosure
For all sponsored content, I will disclose the details of the sponsors and identify the review as sponsored. 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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