Summer Brilliance: 16 Pictures of Copenhagen looking splendid in sunshine

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Magaestrade, one of the oldest streets of Copenhagen
Magestræde, one of the two oldest lanes of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen, the chic design capital of the world, is a visual stunner. With centuries old cobble-stoned streets like Magaestrade that retain the old world charm and contemporary landmarks like the Black Diamond that give the city a refined look, Copenhagen is a pleasure to walk around or even sail through. Last summer I spent a week in the city and was pleasantly surprised by how gorgeous it looked under the bright light of the long Scandinavian summer days. 

It didn't come as a great surprise then, that all of Denmark seemed to be outdoors during summer. In this part of the world, the days during summer last really long and it is bright till 9 in the night and dusk holds the sky for some more hours after that.  The insanely beautiful cityscape bathed in a sublime golden light can only mean one thing for a photographer - going trigger happy! Copenhagen was one of the rare instances where I actually enjoyed being in a city and even felt inspired to shoot.

So here's few images of Copenhagen looking every bit like the stylish Scandinavian jewel that it is!

Long summer days of Copenhagen
On a late summer evening, the sun hasn't even fully set while the moon gently hangs in the sky. 
Busy street cafes on sunny days
A common sight during summers, Danes and tourists alike indulging in sun therapy
Sun therapy
A lady enjoying a quiet day in the sun by the stunning waterfront theatre near Nyhavn
King's Garden at Copenhagen
King's Garden or Rosenborg Castle Gardens is the oldest and most visited park in central Copenhagen, established in the 18th Century.
Nyhavn at dusk
The 17th century Nyhavn, or New Harbour is easily Copenhagen's most famous waterfront area with it's colorful houses that have now turned into bustling cafes for the locals and tourists
There's no excuse to be indoors during summers! A walking walking his dog inside the hippy commune of Copenhagen, Christiania.
The spectacular copper green dome of Frederick's Church that is a prominent feature of Copenhagen's skyscape
The famous helix spire of Church of Our Saviour which commands the best aeiral view of the city!
Beautiful view of Copenhagen from the vantage point of Church of Our Saviour's helix spire
A tourist stands in front of the graffiti laden walls of Christiania, Copenhagen's hippy commune.
Valby, the historic location of the first Carlsberg Brewery which is in the outskirts of Copenhagen is a delight to cycle around
Elephant Gate in the historic Carlsberg area of Copenhagen is one of the prime landmarks. Legend has it that not knowing exactly how elephant eyes looked like, the sculptor gave the gentle pachyderms human eyes!
The famous Danish design sensibility, look how pretty the bridge looks! In Copenhagen 50% of all citizens commute by bike every day and there are more bikes than inhabitants
The original "Little Mermaid" statue by Edvard Eriksen is highly overrated and super crowded but there's no dearth of other statues of the mermaid in quiet corners of the city.
The famous waterfront of Nyhavn!
I visited Copenhagen as a Media Delegate on invitation from Wonderful Copenhagen.
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Have you visited Copenhagen? 

Tell me if you enjoyed your visit and what you liked most in the comments.

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