Answering your Questions - Ask me Anything : Part 2

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Answered few more new questions. Check them out in the new section

So turns out in the last post I missed out few questions because of some goof up in email forwarding. Here are the answers to more questions. 
For the uninitiated, few weeks ago I asked my readers to Ask me Anything and I would answer.

**NEW Questions**

Vamsi Krishna asks
Why don't you share your photos?
Well, this is one question many have asked me and many have been wondering for a long time too. In the beginning I didn't think my photos were good enough to be shared. Then I figured they were fine but trip after trip was keeping me busy enough not to find time for processing the pictures at all. And this continues to happen till date. I find little time to work on pictures and so it takes forever for me to publish them. But to be honest, at the back of my mind I also feel like my best work should only be seen when published elsewhere. I also understand that art of any kind flourishes when allowed to be seen freely, which is what I try to do these days. Publish few, but good photos. I am not there yet, but I am trying to get there! I do have a photography website where I upload my work regularly, but for some reason I haven't been able to get myself to share it. But I think about time, you can follow my latest work here -

I do not come from a school of thought where I think all the images from a trip should be released. I like to showcase only the best from a collection even if that means very few, but I will make sure these are the very best ones. So you can never expect an entire picasa or flickr album from me! :)

Adarsh J Raju asks
How are you managing these leaves so often!
Most of it is explained here - How in the hell do I manage to get so many leaves?
But beyond that I can only say sometimes I do tend to get lucky! For instance the latest Nagaland trip happened because Monday and Tuesday were public holidays and Wednesday and Thursday were optional. I saved up these optional leaves since the beginning of the year and took all four at once in November for Diwali, Balipadyami and Moharram all together giving me 6 days of leave in a row. Come to think of it, it all comes to down to planning in the end and maybe a little luck! ;)

Thennarasu asks

When do get to see your travel videos like the ones in your previous post - 7 Travel Videos : Inspiration From Around The World?
While I am big fan of such awesome travel videos, I have to admit I am not any good at it at the moment. And it is going to take considerable effort from my side to come up with something like that. Given the fact that I am currently occupied with traveling, blogging, photography and writing, I do not think I should take on any new interests right now. I am barely managing to keep up with these things. So the answer is, not in the near future, the thought stays though.

Vinay asks
How much of editing goes into your photos and what tools do you use?
I am a strong advocate of editing and processing pictures to get the best out of the images. I predominantly work with adjustments in Shadows/Highlights and and I am a big fan of burning and dodging. Also I do like colors to pop considering I shoot landscapes the most. So I have changed the contrast/sharpness/saturation settings drastically in my camera to produce high contrast high saturation images straight out of the camera.


Vijay Kulkarni asks 
How do you manage the work and photography ? Right now I work for xyz(name changed) and don't find time to go around.
Beyond this, I can only say if you really want to do something, you will find a way, else you will find an excuse. For instance leaving for a trek on a Friday night and coming back to office on Monday leaves one with no spare time but that is a price most weekend travelers are willing to pay in exchange for some brilliant travel moments. You have to work with what you have got!

Do you plan to arrange a basic photography session in Bangalore ?
At this point, no. If I ever do that, I will announce it here.

Where should I start with photography ? Any recommendations ?
I would say Digital Photography School is a good place to start with. The older articles are especially good to gain an understanding of the technical aspects of photography. I would also suggest looking through images on flickr/500px to gain an understanding of different kinds of photography. In this process you might also realize which genre interests you, such as Landscapes or Night Photography or Macro or Portraits. Then practice and more practice. 

Can I join with you for travel photography sessions ?
I do not conduct any travel photography sessions. Photography is just part of my travels at this point. Like I said, if anything, I would announce here.


Jinu John asks 
Let's say there is some place which is on top of your wishlist, a place that you have been trying really hard to go to. Finally you do get a chance to visit that place but exactly at the same time some other important engagement comes up such as a friend's/relative's marriage or project delivery. What will you do - stay back or go ahead? 
Hmm, so far I have always chosen travel. :) 
My definition of important engagement and the generally accepted definition doesn't really match. But if I am really needed I will stay back. 
I leave for another trip next week and a very good friend of mine is getting married at the same time which I am missing. So maybe that answers the question.


Chethan asks
I haven't been to Leh-Ladakh . Is it okay if I go and do a winter trek straight away. What do you suggest? I always thought i should go there in summer and then try this sometime later?
Well Ladakh is beautiful no matter which season. If you can take the cold, go for the winter trek. But also visit in the summers, the colors are unbelievable and you will get to cover more ground in this season. So I suggest, visit both in summers and winters, which one you visit first doesn't matter.

When are you planning to do a winter visit to Ladakh and capture its frozen beauty ?
I have been wanting to do that since forever. Even more so since I saw this - Epic Adventures - Frozen Winter in the High Mountains. Hopefully soon, very soon. No plans at the moment though. 


Girish N asks
What filters does your photography kit usually carry?
Two Cokin Graduated Neutral Density Filter
77mm Hoya Circular Polarizer


Abhishek Kurasala asks 
What camera and lens do you use ?
Canon EOS 500D and Tokina 11-16mm.

With this, I hope I have answered all the questions that were sent to me. 
Let me know if you liked the Ask me Anything posts. :)

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  1. how much of editing goes into your photos and what tools do you use?


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