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Friday, October 19, 2012

First to give a short update, I just came back from an amazing trip to Andaman and I have lots of stories to tell and lots of photos to show. But have been really busy at work so that'll have to wait a bit. On another note, 5 of my images have been published in National Geographic Traveller October Issue. To be associated with NatGeo in any small way has always been the dream and I hope to take it forward more in the coming months.

That said, I have been seeing a lot of bloggers doing Ask me Anything posts, so I thought you might have some questions for me too? Ask me about my travels or photography or solo travel or adventures or whatever you want to know. I promise to answer all appropriate questions.

Ask me Anything

You can send me your questions in the following ways -
  1. Mail them to me at
  2. Post them in the comments below
  3. Send me a message or post on facebook (
  4. Send me a DM or tweet on twitter (
Along with the question, send me a link to your blog/flickr/twitter etc if you'd like a link and also if you do not want your full name to appear on the post. 

Looking forward to your questions and I will do the post with the answers in about 2-3 weeks from now. 

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  1. I want to know about your most challenging travel experience in terms of photography. (I am also a photographer/writer, and I love to travel, too.)

  2. 1. Is there any place that you wished you had NOT visited ?

    2. Have you encountered any dangers, during your travel ? if so, how did you overcome it ?

    3. Ever been to a jungle safari ? or, do you have one such plan in your wishbook ?

  3. I know some people travelling full time(after resigning there job). Do you plan to do that sometime in future?

    Which was the most hardcore trek you have ever done?

  4. you are really great traveller and an amazing photographer.
    when can I travel with you?? as an assistant will also do :))

  5. Suggested places where I have been and I know u can do great photography:

    Bhutan(thimpu,paro and phunakah), Sikkim(Dzongri,gurudangmar) and Darjeeling(tea gardens and sandakpu where u can see four highest peaks out of 5 )

  6. How do you remain safe travelling alone as a woman? I'd love to go all over India and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    What's your favourite place in India so far?

  7. when do get to see your travel videos like the ones in your previous post
    - Thennarasu

  8. Hi,

    Have you ever been to Nepal? If yes, How it is? I am planning for a Nepal trip. Any suggestions will help.

    Rajesh Babaria

  9. Hi Neelima, I'd like to know more about your "cycling in the monsoon" at madikeri..
    1. How did you transport the bikes ? Volvo buses ?
    2. How much was the total distance covered ?
    3. How many days did the whole biking adventure take ?

    I've spent the last week reading through ur blogs, they are mind blowing :D


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