Chasing Rainbows - A Photo Essay.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

If you have been following my facebook page, you'd already know my craze for rainbows. If not, I tell you now that I have an extreme liking for the colorful rainbows appearing out of the blues. There are few times where I really get ecstatic and spotting a rainbow is one such time. Ask anyone who has been with me on such trips and you'll know. I will be literally jumping out of excitement when I see the colors arch across the sky.

There is something magical about seeing the pretty colors in the sky or maybe it is just the rains that have just stopped and the sunshine trying to sneak in through the dark clouds. Whatever it may be, it presents such a pretty picture it is hard for me to stay calm in such moments. All the times I have seen a rainbow, I have been spotted going hysteric, be it Roopkund trek where we saw a rainbow below us in the valley or be it Dudhsagar where the rainbow was an almost 360 degree arch going around the bridge. So here they are, a few of the rainbow pictures I have managed to capture in the last year. Hope to see many many more in the coming years.

Rainbow by the temple
A Rainy Evening at Belur

Rainbow in the Clouds
Rainbow in the Clouds! Kodachadri memories.

Rainbow over the bridge
This rainbow, started below the bridge by the stream, went over it and then went below the bridge again finishing an almost 360 degrees. Super excited I was at seeing this one near Dudhsagar Falls.

Watching the Rainbow
It was a tiring day, we walked a lot and yet the campsite wasn't anywhere in sight. Just as the evening was about to end, this beautiful arch appears in front of me and turns out we had reached our campsite then.

Rainbow on Avalanche
After a tiring day of Outbound Activities, I couldn't ask for more. One Rainbow sets everything right. That's Avalanche Lake in Ooty.

Rainbow in Ladakh
It was a bad bad day, if not for this rainbow in Ladakh.

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  1. amazing pics! love the one over the railway line!

  2. Amazing captures..!! loved all your captures :)

  3. Well who says such pursuits are for children only, whether it is chasing the butterfly or rainbows.

  4. ## Anu - Rainbow over railway line is my favorite too! :)

    ## Gautam, Bhushavali - Thanks much! :)

    ## Val - Welcome to my blog, and yes, childish pursuits may have brilliant results. :)

  5. amazing photography....and i really love your blog...

  6. I have never put so much thought into the beauty of the rainbow till now! Even now, I don't know if even my eyes would be able to capture its beauty like you have done through your photos! Grt pics!

    1. Thanks Anusha, have been fascinated with rainbows for as long as I can remember. :)

  7. Rainbows are so rare in cities. I guess we need to go out to see them.

    Beautiful pictures specially the Doodhsagar one.

    1. Really? We do get to see awesome rainbows in Bangalore all the time. Maybe the key is to just go out when it rains in the late afternoons, I always do. :)

  8. Beautiful. Mesmerising frames.

  9. Dhudhsagar one is awesome!!! Keep'em coming...


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