Landscapes from Hampi, not the ruins!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The ruins of Hampi have charmed many over the years. I thought it was just the ruins that deemed the place magical. Last weekend I discovered something else. It was not just the ruins but the whole setting that made Hampi the surreal retreat that it is. Boulders of gargantuan proportions stacked in impossible formations over one another was the first impression. That could have been all that Hampi had if not for the gentle Tungabhadra River that flows through the main bazaar far towards the distant mountains.

As the sun sets in the west, the mountains become mere silhouettes while the sparkling waters of Tungabhadra take on a different hue dancing to the symphony of light. If that was the magic of sunlight, moonlight isn’t any less either. Yesterday it wasn’t a full moon day but it was almost there. Vast and wide open spaces interspersed by a river here and a rock there giving you a front row seat to do nothing but gaze at stars is why the place is so chilled out. There might not be many trees to give you all the shade but the land isn’t devoid of greenery altogether. There are green pastures of grass by the foothills of the rock formations. And if the clouds decide to play along, you cannot ask for a better setting. The blue skies, the white fluffy clouds, the brown mountains and green pastures. Just about the perfect for a landscape photographer like me. :)

I spent two days last weekend in Hampi. Of all the time spent there, it would be safe to say half the time was spent gazing at the river/clouds/rocks/mountains and the rest was spent gazing at the amazing ruins. True story! Yes, it goes without saying the ruins were amazing.

Ruins you would have seen many. Now see the spectacular scenery of Hampi.

Sunset at Tungabhadra
Sunset colors over the Tungabhadra River

Rocks at Hampi
The brilliant clouds I was talking about

Flower in the fields
Fields around Hampi

Sunset Shadows
Sunset Shadows in the River

Rocks at Hampi
Rocks of all sizes everywhere

Tungabhadra River
River Crossing Point

Ruins and the Landscape

Scenery around Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Tungabhadra River

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  1. thrilling history, stunning architecture, absolutely beautiful sunsets..Hampi has it all.

  2. Fantastic photos! reminds me of my visit.... and makes me want to go back

  3. Neelima great shots!!! How did you overcome the harsh afternoon light there? I didn't have a polarizer or ND filter (so going to pick some up when back in the US) and only thing I could do was stop down a few f-stops and bring it back up exposure wise in Lightroom. Anyways, glad you had fun and dig the photos!

  4. Epic landscapes from that epic land that has been teasing me for so many years....

    especially like the 2nd pic...
    and also vintage tone in the 3rd last....

  5. spectacular breathtaking images!!!

  6. ## Prashant - True, although we were a little bit low on the history front of it. Being there with a knowledgeable historian would be a different experience altogether I guess!

    ## Anu - Thank you, Hampi surprised me with so many landscapes. I wouldn't mind going back either. :))

    ## Troy - Hey thanks! Most of these shots were shot before 12 and after 3. :)
    Yea, the afternoon light was quite harsh and spoiled most of my photos. the sky and clouds were splendid but was difficult to capture. Once the light was suitable I went on a clicking frenzy even reshooting the same place in the new light.

  7. ## Jitaditya - Thanks, it was a long overdue visit for me as well. Of consciously I kept postponing it because I thought Hampi was only ruins. :)

    ## magiceye - Thanks much! :)

    ## S.R.Ayyangar - Thank you! :)

  8. beautiful pictures Neelima...loved the exposure and colours!

  9. These are some really gorgeous have captured them really well!

  10. Hi, I just ran into your blog- very nice!

    The pictures are indeed surreal!
    I hope the place stays this way.

  11. I finally visited Hampi...

    I kept remembering these images while shooting the landscapes but unforgettably blue sky and cloud formations were conspicuous by their absence except for a couple of occasions...

  12. Good photography; extremely bad writing! :(


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