The Himalayan Adventure - Cycling from Spiti to Manali.

Friday, July 01, 2011

I have been making the customary visit to my home(read Himalayas) every year and this year was no different. I had made grand plans of exploring Ladakh more or probably the North East. But since when have best laid plans gone as planned. A Mountain Bike had appeared out of the blues forcing me re-plan everything.

During my last visit to Spiti. I had seen quite a few foreigners cycling in the awesome valley and I was very tempted to do the same. Even more so after the Goa cycling expedition. But never did I imagine I would be actually doing that the very next year. 

I bought a brand new Mountain Bike convincing myself that I am going to put it to good use. And knowing me, if it hasn't blazed on the homeground, it hasn't been put to good use after all. We can't let that happen now can we? So here I am. Trying to cycle in the most awesome place - Surreal Spiti. Covering more than 500kilometers, including two awesome lakes and two high passes and lot of monasteries, golden mountains and blue skies, we set out to experience Himalayas in a new way. We will be cycling between 10000 to 15500 ft over a period of 10 days.

We designed a logo too. We got them printed on jerseys. While that is not the only thing I will be doing this July. I am not back until next month. Mobile connectivity is limited but I will try to post updates on facebook as and when I can. Do follow me to get regular updates on the team's antics and maybe an occasional photo!

You can follow me here -

Well, see you next month because there is going to be dead silence here until then! :)

This is where I would be Cycling!

The Logo

In blue and yellow

Bike before boxing it up

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  1. Dear Neelima
    Wish you a very great and enjoyable trip! I wish I could stand on top of Kumzum Pass to cheer you and have coffee with you .:-). Spiti remains a dream and dont think I will make it in this life,..But as an arm chair traveler I am really enjoying all your postings.
    Have a great weekend

  2. Dear Neelima
    I am not sure if Mobile services are connected in spiti , but if at all, then it will be BSNL. I have a BSNL mobile No, which I use in remote places in Kumaon, where nothing else works except BSNL...

  3. Awesome! you found time and place to write a blog...
    Have a great journey!

  4. "Covering more than 500kilometers, including two awesome lakes and two high passes"- way to start a habit. Hope you get more opportunities to use your mountain bike.

  5. Oh, that first picture in the post is simply amazing! I could get lost in that blue sky. This sounds like a very exciting adventure! It makes me want to fix my bike and go out for a day trip at least.

  6. Now you can enjoy the adventure of Paragliding in the beautiful City of Manali By clicking on the following link. Click on the following link and enjoy the tour...:)


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