10 Reasons why I Love Western Ghats

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Here are 10 reasons why I love Western Ghats

1. Monsoon Magic 

I have seen very few places that completely transform into a magical land during monsoons and Western Ghats has to top the list. Completely barren mountains take a new look sheathed in a layer of verdant greenery comparable to the likes of moors of Ireland, just smaller in spread! I love Western Ghats for what rains can do to it.

2. Yea, we bleed just to know we're alive 

The challenges of climbing up an ascent in hot burning sun, or the experience of sliding down through slippery paths in monsoons, going ahead even when your body says no, mind says no and yet going ahead to reach the peak with all you’ve got! The million scratches, the countless cramps, the numerous bruises, the hundreds of falls and at the risk of sounding like a psycho, the after effects of a trek may leave us in physical pain but the mind is always super recharged and rejuvenated. Yea, like they say, yea, we bleed just to know we’re alive! I love Western Ghats for the physical challenges it presents and healing therapy it offers in the end.

3. Weekends have never been so much fun

Weekend breaks to wilderness can be a blessing in disguise if only it didn’t take a week’s worth of planning and booking. Fortunately for us, Western Ghats are just a stone throw away. No hotels, no hassles as long as you have a tent and a mountain you like. I love Western Ghats for its proximity to the place I live and its accessibility. 

4. The slimy creatures have a part to play

Leeches – yes, you read it right. It is a kind of love-hate relationship but without those filthy bloodsucking creatures our treks wouldn't be nearly as much fun as they are now. I love Western Ghats for being home to these slimy bloodsuckers.

5. Waterfalls are one of the best things to happen to world

Nothing gives me more pleasure than listening to the thunderous roar of a gorgeous cascade deep inside the dense woods. Being a water sign, my love for water is a given I guess. But the waterfalls that I have seen here are the best I’ve ever seen, both in quality and quantity. I love Western Ghats for the numerous waterfalls that it hides in its belly.

6. The Element of Surprise

It is supposedly December and the hike must be cool? No, it won’t be. The heat will threaten to kill you, and reach the peak or not, in the end you’ll love the struggle it put you through. It is an easy 4km walk said someone and you think it will be easy? No, the ascent will be never ending while leeches feast on you. You are supposedly going towards a waterfall and there’s not a single stream. But in the end one glimpse at the waterfall and you can’t help but forget everything else and revel in its beauty. It challenges, it kills and yet it keeps you in awe somehow. I love Western Ghats for its ability to throw surprises however prepared you might be.

7. It is beautiful all along

Effort to views ratio is one of the lowest you can find. At times you would be surprised to find absolutely spectacular views with minimal effort. I love Western Ghats for the spectacular views that it shows.

8. On Cloud No 9

I always used to wonder, seeing places where clouds drifted below while people stood above on the cliff edge. I always had this impression that these must be super unreachable super awesome remote places until I realized such an experience was waiting for me in my backyard itself! I love Western Ghats for the numerous nights and days where I was drifting above clouds – literally and otherwise! 

9. Girls care about flowers

While the green grasslands itself are a pleasure, how awesome would it be if the whole landscape was dotted with bright colors? I am talking about some really pretty flowers, like last year in monsoons when I went to Kumara Parvatha or this year’s Brahmagiri, the entire mountain range was covered with pink flowers and purple blossoms respectively. I love Western Ghats for numerous pretty sights such as this. And the funny thing is while I keep saying this, most of the guys said where were the flowers at all. So I am keeping this point only for us girls who notice all the beauty. ;)

10. Everlasting Love

Lastly I love Western Ghats because I was there just last weekend and I am going there again this weekend. However much I may try, I can never get it out of my system. I have traveled most of India and returned to Western Ghats many times over the past two years and still the magic continues! 

Now these are my ten reasons, I know many of you like Western Ghats more than I do. Tell me why? 

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  1. thats a different type of travel writing...well written.


  2. Dear Neelima
    How are you? I read all your posts..I mean cant miss any one of them.
    I think 1 reason is enough for me to go to the Ghat...Will be travelling from Blore to Munnar next week.
    Will be looking forward to more posts from you
    Have a nice week

  3. Agree with all of them except the leeches. Having explored the Maharashtra part of Sahyadris more, our encounters with leeches were minimal. The only time they covered our shoes was in Karnataka (trek in Dandeli). :)
    You've nicely put the magic of Sahyadris into words. :)

  4. I think 1 reason is enough for me to go to the Ghat.Will be travelling from Blore to Munnar next month.

  5. Lovely post.
    I too keep making multiple trips to the Western Ghats...can never have enough.

  6. I have on a couple of journeys to Western ghat mountain ranges and its really beautiful.
    Western Ghats India

  7. "I was there just last weekend and I am going there again this weekend. However much I may try, I can never get it out of my system"

    Cheers to those words...keep writing:-)

  8. Well written. But have you heard of the Gadgil report and the protests by mafias especially in Kerala. Create awareness on such issues too.


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