12 images and A Dozen Vignettes : From my Past Trips

Friday, November 27, 2009

A Friday treat for you all –12 amazing images (according to me of course :) ) from my trips over the last two years.

1.Let’s ironically start with a sunset! Well sunset is the start of a beautiful night. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best evenings spent in the lap of Himalayas! 
Shot in September 2009 at Bedni Bugyal, Gharwal Himalayas as the last of the day’s light disappeared. 


2. At first glance, it might look like any other photo. But look closely and you’ll spot something. Majestic, isn’t it? We would have spent a night stranded here if not for our lucky stars. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the worst places to be stranded at!
Shot in May 2008 at Baralacha La on the Leh Manali highway as a truck was stuck creating a roadblock. 


3. Looks like the shire of LOTR, doesn’t it? Tiny mounds and the tiny houses. As we were waiting on a mountain top, it was impossible for me to take my eyes off the pretty patterns below me. We came through the same way up here and I didn’t realize the geometry of it until now. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best perspectives!
Shot in October 2008 at Eravikulam National Park, Munnar.


4. I always wanted to wake up next to a lake. I always wanted to wake up to a misty misty morning. And finally my wish was granted on a hiking trip earlier this year. It was a lovely morning and it was so misty that the lake was barely visible few minutes before this shot was taken. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best places to wake up at.
Shot in January 2009 at our campsite at Galikere, Chikmagalur as the mist was just clearing up.


5. I came to know that Chitrakot Falls in Chhattisgarh are India’s biggest falls and a week later I was there. And I waited patiently and took many shots before this one timed out perfectly. 
Here’s one memorizing one of my best shots till date!
Shot in May 2009 at Chitrakot Falls, Chhattisgarh.


6. After great amounts of persuasion and arguments, I convinced my dad to take up the road trip to Leh from Srinagar instead of heading towards Kulu as per his plans and that turned out to be a life changing decision. Wonder how? Well that was when it all started – my extreme interest in traveling, my interest in photography and subsequent blogging. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best starts to a wonderful journey which is still going strong!
Shot in May 2008 after crossing Gumri Checkpost on the Srinagar Leh Higway.


7. A walk in the rain is the most delightful thing ever! And add my favorite mist to it and you’ve got a perfect recipe for an awesome memory. As we walked back from Kudremukh to our campsite, a few guys went ahead and many were behind me. I was walking alone taking pictures lest the magic would be lost. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best walks in the rain.
Shot in June 2009 in the estate at Kudremukh, Karnataka.


8. Never have I been surrounded with so much water and never have I heard such deafening roar of the cascades. Water all around me. Timed perfectly just after north Karnataka was received heavy rainfall, River Cauvery was overflowing and the magnificent Siva Samudram Falls were at their thundering best. And a sunset at such a location. You can only imagine how elated I was. 
Here’s one memorizing one the best waterfalls I have seen!
Shot in July 2009 at Siva Samudram Falls, Karnataka.


9. Another sunset at Bedni Bugyal and now I’d let the picture speak for itself. Needless to say it was amazing and the best thing I liked about this photo is the man standing on the edge. 
Here’s one memorizing yet another beautiful sunset! 
Shot in September 2009 at Bedni Bugyal of Gharwal Himalayas.


10. We were supposed to start for Araku the next day morning at 6 AM and we had the whole day at our disposal. Wanting to start my holiday as soon as possible, I dragged my family for a visit to the beautiful seascapes of Vishakhapatnam. A ride along the beach road is enough to make up for a beautiful day. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best beaches!
Shot in May 2009 on the beach road of my home for the better years of my life, Vishakhapatnam.


11. We spent a cold hungry stormy night at 5615 ft with just as much as a shaky tent for protection. The morning after, we wanted to get off the peak as soon as possible. Sleep deprivation and hunger were showing its effects and yet we were able to fully enjoy the beauty of the Kumara Parvatha hills. 
Here's one memorizing one of the worst nights of my life!
Shot in August 2009 at Kumara Parvatha Range in Western Ghats, Karnataka.


12. And last but not the least, it was close to mid – afternoon and we were still traveling by bus to reach Munnar. We boarded the night before from Bangalore. And finally we started seeing Tea Plantations suggesting we were close. 
Here’s one memorizing one of the best views of green plantations!
Shot in October 2008 on the way to Munnar, Kerala. 


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  1. Great post! loved the pics. You are getting better and better with every post. Way to go!

  2. Truly breath taking! Thanks for sharing :)

    You really do have a charmed life :)

  3. @ Rupa - Thank you so much!
    I knew you'd like it with so many images and such less text.. :D

    @ Roshmi - And Thank you for visiting.. :)
    2009 has been really good for my traveling.. i hope 2010 gets even better.. :D

  4. Neelima,
    These are beautiful shots. My favorite is the one of Chitrakot falss followed by Leh. Also love the blue skies and the plantations in Munnar.

  5. beautiful shots neelima. me too liked chitrakot most :)

    isnt it nice to relive some of those beautiful moments

  6. Thank you Vamsee and Sandeep!
    Incidentally my favorite of the lot is also the one from Chitrakot Falls.. :)

    It feels nice to see so many pictures from my trips together..kind of reminds me of so many awesome trips i had!

  7. Hi Neelima!
    This post is truly awesome!!

    Old Town Bilbao is now at Blogtrotter for your joy. Have a great weekend!!

  8. it was like readng national geographic magazime. took us to 12 diff amazing places..

  9. @ GMG - The places were truly awesome that inspired me.. Thank you.. :)

    @ Guna - Wow! now that's a huge compliment.. compared to NGC!! I wish! :)
    Thank you so much for commenting.

  10. I envy for all those trips :(

    they are so so beautiful and tempting :)

  11. it's too good! i love your passion very much! cheers!

  12. Neelima, the photos are all mesmerizing indeed. You are great at landscape photography! I liked the Chitrakot Falls shot the most.

    Cheers, Roxy

  13. @ Mahesh - the time will never be just right! pack your bags and head off! :) Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Joshi - Thank you.. it is our passion that keeps us alive.. else we'd be just surviving.. :)

    @ rocksea - Thank you so much! my favorite has been the same too.. :D

  14. we are heading for Kumara Parvata this weekend...any suggestions??

  15. Mahesh, nothing in particular. If you are going in a big group better call up Bhatta to prepare for your lunch. And be prepared for some leeches and possibly hot sun.
    And do have fun! :)

  16. These must've been some amazing trips and treks. The Chitrakot Falls picture is really good!

  17. Thanks bindu! It felt good to relive moments of my trips through this post. :)

  18. Your photos are breathtaking... Makes me want to leave my life of coffee on my desk and job board software behind, pack a bag and see the world! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. @ Debbie - You are welcome! Glad you liked my photographs. :)


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