Photo of the week - Pangong Tso, An Azure View

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Pangong Tso

Here's a view of the beautiful high altitude Lake.
Pangong Tso, Ladakh.
I wish to return to those azure waters soon! Soon again!

The little black dots sort of thing on the extreme left is actually two jeeps on a small patch of land. Just so you get an idea of the scale. :)

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  1. This is an amazing shot!! truly mind blowing

  2. Ooh nice! I love the way clouds leave shadows on the hills... gives an idea of space! Ladakh is truly beautiful, the pictures of that place never cease to amaze me! If you can, purchase a polarizer for your camera. You can cut out reflection from the water from certain directions and have a reflection of the mountains only... looks spectacular!

  3. @ Ravish - Nice to see you here! :) Thanks..
    This was where it all started.. my foray into the world of travel and photography.

    @ Kokonad - Thanks.. :) and yea.. Ladakh is truly truly spectacular. Each time i see a picture of a place, it is different again. I have been unsuccesfully trying to save up so i can buy a DSLR..will add polarizer to the list too.. :D

    @ Sandeep - Thanks.. :)

  4. Mind blowing! Awesome! I'm actually at a loss for words... I envy you.

  5. great shot, neelima. did you take these from a boat or from the other side of the land?

  6. @ Roshmi - Thank you.. :) Was a big surprise for me when my dad said we are going to Kashmir.. Am flad he said that.. :D

    @ rocksea - Thanks.. took this while returning back from Pangong.. Was in the jeep actually and taken through the glass.. :) That's the reason for the reflection..

  7. Nice pic...

    Did you really think about the title of your blog? Pondering and Musing mean the same thing, and putting them together seems kinda redundant.

  8. The sky is so much crystal clear isn't it!! Thats the beauty of that place :). Brilliant framing.

    I actually missed pangong tso, during my trip, and now I realise its the biggest miss. Wish to go back soon :)

  9. Beautiful and serene Landscape shot, Cool.

  10. @ Anonymous - Thanks... and lol yeah.. this blog started out as a personal blog and i named it Pondering musings or thoughtless thoughts.. but somewhere along the way i decided to make it a travel blog instead.. :D

  11. @ Dhanush - oh you missed Pangong in Ladakh? you should make a visit again for sure then. :)

    @ T & S - Welcome to my blog! Thanks.. :) do Keep Visiting..

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. nice pic!!beautiful shot.time for an SLR i GUESS ;)

  14. @ Joshi - Thanks.. :)

    @ Anonymous - Thank you.. and the time for SLR had come long back.. just the finances din't.. :P

  15. woo.. lovely shot.. i should visit this next summer

  16. Hi Neelima,

    I enjoyed reading your blog and loved the travels! I am traveller myself and I am looking to go to all those lovely places around Bangalore as much as I can. I so identify with what you say about surfing for new locations half the time!

    Great to see this!

    Swati :)

  17. @ Sandeep, Bindu - Thank you.. :)

    @ Swati - Welcome to my blog! Thanks, Glad you liked my posts and glad to know a fellow traveller.. :) It is actually a favorite past time of mine. Surfing the net for new locations. nDo keep visiting!

  18. Hi Wandering Soul! This one is awesome!!

    Blogtrotter is now in Turkey. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!


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