Photo of the Week - Jog Falls, A Different Perspective

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jog Falls over the river Sharavathi in Shimoga District of Karnataka are India's highest plunge(untiered) waterfalls falling from a height of 830ft!

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  1. Such a gorgeous picture! Vertigo inducing.

  2. lovely image. During my visit in Dec, it was just Jog rocks.

  3. Hi Neelima!
    Wondeful shot!!
    Thanks for your comment at Blogtrotter, which has some more Rural Iceland before heading to the Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous weekend!

  4. @ Bindu - Thank you.. :) It was very frightening to look from the top into the falls..

    @ Sandeep - I know! i was so apprehensive about going to Jog Falls but since my expectations were already so low i was not disappointed at all! :)
    And i just came through an interesting piece of information.. seems the gates are opened every year on the 15th of August. Maybe i can get a chance to view jog falls in full glory atleast once..

    @ GMG - Thanks for commenting.. :)
    Wow! blue lagoon huh? eagerly waiting for that... :)

    1. Hi, although the gates are opened during August, you should be really lucky to see the waterfalls, bcos of fog. Only if there is strong wind and the sun does not behind the clouds, you will be able to see.

  5. This indeed is a very fiddrent perspective. haven't seen rocket, raja and gang, this way before.

  6. simply beautifully captured shot....lovely!

  7. the height of the water fall and the perspective you have chosen makes this a beautiful image!

  8. @ Which Main? What Cross? - Thanks .. :) Jog falls from this view point was awesome.. i actually could comprehend the height of the falls from here..

    @ Flyingstars - Thank you so much... :)

    @ Joshi Daniel - thank you.. :)

  9. indeed a different perspective. where did u shoot it from?

  10. Wow! Awesome and glorious pic! You have a real talent... for taking pics, that is :)

  11. Oh! I've heard about and have seen photos of the Jog falls, but have never seen this perspective!

    Nature is So Beautiful

  12. @ Sandeep - Instead of crossing the bridge infront of Jog Falls, if you go straight ..there is one bungalow view point.. It takes one right above the falls.. from here the view is awesome again.. you can look right into the falls.. :)

    @ Roshmi - Thank you so much.. for commenting that is.. :)

    @ Bhavesh - Welcome to my blog! It was a chance shot.. came out well to suit my taste.. :)
    do Keep visiting for more such pics..

  13. Nice perspective - hopped thro Bhusha...had a quick glance, some kewl pics u got here. Cudn't c many, 4 some reason!

  14. @ Sujay - Thanks and Welcome to my blog!
    I wonder why you couldn't see all the pics.. do visit again and i hope you don't have a problem the next time.. :)

  15. Have to agree with Bindu...

    Vertigo inducing for sure.

    I keep sort of...tilting my head when I look at it. It's engaging.


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