Chhattisgarh - Full of Surprises!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What? – Vacation
When? – May first week
Who? – Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro and I
Why? – Time for a break
Where? – Chhattisgarh!! :D

Well so now you know what the most common reaction was. There were also some others who must’ve thought why anyone in their sane mind would go to a naxal prone area in peak summer to one of the hottest places in India but said nothing and smiled politely. But going to Chhattisgarh was one of the wise decisions I had taken. The place totally bowled us over and how! Here are some fun facts for starters –
Collage 2
  • India’s biggest waterfall is situated in Bastar, Chhattisgarh.
  • Chhattisgarh has one of the last pockets of Virgin Forests left in India. This apparently is the place where you can find jungles comparable to Amazon in their variety and density.
  • The place is an amazing treasure house of age old tribal culture and history. Not to forget the world famous bell metal handicrafts and terracotta items.
  • Dussera is one of the biggest festivals here and is a 75 day ordeal. However, it is totally unrelated to our good old Ram, Sita and Ravana. They have their own folklore and worship a deity named Maa Danteswari.
  • It has some of the oldest and biggest cave formations in Asia discovered only very recently.
  • The area is not at all arid and dry and dull as I imagined.
  • The place is full of lush greenery, springs, rivers, waterfalls and most of all very warm and friendly people or lets say “They are humid pre-possessing homosapiens with full-sized aortic pumps” in the sweet words of Joey.
      collage 2

      Chhattisgarh as it seems, is India’s best kept secret! The place has so much potential you would be surprised how come no one knows! Maybe it’s a good thing, maybe it’s not. The trademark slogan “Chhattisgarh – Full of Surprises” is totally apt and describes the exact feeling one would experience there.

      Formed in the year 2000 under the congress regime with sixteen districts, the then chief minister Mr.Ajit Jogi wanted to surprise the whole world with the totally obscure treasure that is Chhattisgarh. And who better than the very same person who catapulted Kerala Tourism to international fame and visibility – Mr. A. Jaya Thilak. The quest started then, and as they say a work well begun is half done! This explains the wonderful roads in this state. The roads and infrastructure was surprisingly advanced for a state which is not a popular tourist destination (yet). Apparently 1200 crores were spent for this purpose and it shows! All our drives were delightfully smooth.

      We were on a week long trip covering Visakhapatnam - Araku - Jagdalpur (Chhattisgarh). I would be writing about the three days spent in Chhattisgarh in three posts as I want to share so much and it would get too boring for you to read it all in one post. This was a sneak preview of what’s in store. Hope this tickled your curiosity. :)

      Here are some interesting articles if you feel like -

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      1. wow lovely... Thanks for the light on Chhattisgarh...

        I also wanna vst Noetheastern states :)

      2. never been to chattisgarh and its been prominent in my wish list. i'm green with envy here. will wait for the coming posts.

        luved the thumbnails u shared, but wasnt able to see any larger versions.

      3. as sandeep said, larger versions are welcome :)

        Chattisgarh is Awesome !!

      4. hmm finally!! sneak peak is grt and hope chattisgarh is as good as you are going to describe it :P

      5. @ CM-Chap - Welcome to my blog! :)
        I also want to visit north-east..sometime soon.. watch this space for more posts on my trip! :)

        @ Sandeep - Wow, i have seen something that makes you go green with envy.. :D
        After all your treks in western ghats, i am so green it borders being black! ;)

        I actually wanted to post many pictures but that was taking too much space and time to load. So i decided to have a small collage. I will post bigger images in my detailed posts.

      6. @ Dhanush - yea.will post bigger images in next posts.. and yea..chhattisgarh is awesome.. :)
        you've been thr?

        @ Ajitha - Finally! you have graced my blog with one meaningful comment.. :)
        Keep watching. ;)

      7. @Neel : Finally u have put ur 1000 words (pictures) in some writing. Good gist and if u say the forests are of equivalence to Amazon , i would definitely want to visit.

      8. Great post and amazing pics! I must visit Chattisgarh at least once in my life! I will...

        I did the next best thing... by attending a crafts exhibition last week... twice actually... and got some Chattisgarh handicrafts :)

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        Thanks in advance! :)

      10. Wow, am in love with the pictures... never been to that part of the country!!!

        Awesome blog.. mind if i blog roll u?

      11. Haven't been to Chattisgarh, and your pictures are very intriguing. Do post larger images!

      12. @Clueless - yea i finally got myself to put down some words..You SHOULD visit this place.. your khwahish of "Jungle & Jharna" will be completetly satisfied.. :P

        @ Roshmi - Wow! Crafts exhibition huh? that sounds interesting...the day i went thr, the jewellery section was closed.. :(
        P.S - I will surely go and vote for you at IndiBlogger.. :)

      13. @ Aaarti - Welcome to my blog! and thank you so much. Glad you liked my posts. :)
        And please feel free to blogroll me.. the pleasure is all mine.. :)

        @ Bindu - Thanks.. :)Yes, i will surely post larger images. I wanted to show all these pictures and all at i decided to use the thumbnail versions in the preview. Do come back for the rest of the trip logs. :)

      14. Never knew Chattisgarh is such a beautiful place to visit...Nice pics Neelima ...keep going ...

      15. Wow.. Got to visit this place before it becomes popular and tarnished by thronging tourists

      16. @ Sandeep R - is the best time to visit chhattisgarh..only locals around visit the place for now.. Heard the govt. there is trying to promote religious and cultural tourism. If that happens hordes of people might throng making it no longer a pristine secluded location! :-|

      17. Hi Neelima,

        I will not say for just saying, i actually liked ur blog, the description is very nice. I read this post then i read the next!!! the photographs are really good and nice. The facts about chhattisgarh, the information about places is all very good.

        Well you must have had a nice tour, well i am from Chhattisgarh and i know how this place is :- as u said full of surprises, i came in contact with some of the nice places that not even local people are not aware and are waiting to be revealed and thus i have started a blog revealing some of its places known and unknown places liked by me along with some general information.

        I would be grateful to you if u just look at the links and provide me with feedback so that i can improve my blog.


      18. @ Eshansh - Am Glad that you actually liked my blog. :)
        Yea..Chhattisgarh is indeed full of surprises. It's good to know that you are also trying to share information on the state with such hidden beauty. I shall link to your posts too in my chhattisgarh travelogue.
        Do keep visiting!

      19. Hi Neelima,

        Lovely posts and blog... very informative especially one on c'garh. Possible for you to mail me at, so that I could get some more detailed info from ya. I have sent you a msg on IM also.

        thanks and keep up the sharing!

        cheers, Kushal

      20. Hello Neelima,

        I read your most enchanting and very useful Blog on Chhattisgarh.

        Planning to visit soon and want to know if you travelled First Class in Train from Jagdalpur to Vishakhapatnam or Second Class. Which according to your experience , should be the choice. Does FC have old coaches with torn sleepers. Is SL coach overly crowded.


      21. It is really good to see that now people have started to taking interest in chhattisgarh. kudoss to your article

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