Flight to Srinagar - Photo of the Week

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

mighty himalayas or mighty clouds?

First view of the majestic Himalayas which seem to be totally dwarfed by the mighty clouds. Taken from the flight while going from Delhi to Srinagar. Lucky for me the window glass was pretty clean. :)

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  1. Pseud! When did you go to Srinagar?

  2. Last summer.. :)
    Kashmir-Ladakh trip.. One of the best trips ever!

  3. You have an amazing sense of aesthetics... Girl!!!

  4. u seem to be doing a lot of travel :) looking forward for thye trip logs now!

    needless to say that the shot is excellent. and i know how good it is to have a clean window. how i wish i had one on my way back from srilanka, this weekend, especially when the flight was above the sethu samudram

  5. @ Roshmi - Thank you so much! :)Sometimes the scene itself is so beautiful the photographer hasn't much to do other than clicking! :D

    @ Sandeep - I feel so lazy i thought i'd just keep uploading pics.. :) This pic is as old as last year and still i couldn't get myself to write the trip log.. :( Probably i should take one week off from office and sit and write .. :D
    You were off to Srilanka this week? wow! that must've been awesome.

  6. it looks like a postcard.. why dont u ty ur luck as a photographer?!

  7. Fantastic view of the majestic Himalayas

  8. Wow This Is What I Call As Amazing Photography !! Great Capture..Well Done

  9. This is spectacular! I love taking pictures from flights - they are always phenomenal! :)

  10. @ Anonymous - someday..someday i will.. :)

    @ which main? what cross? , Joshi - Thank you..:) i was spellbound the moment i saw through the window!

    @ Rajesh, Unseen Rajasthan - Welcome to my blog..Glad you liked my photo.. :)

    @ Kokonad - i always thought sunsets/sunrise from flights were spectacular .. was in for a surprise here.. :)
    wonder how it will be flying over the oceans...

  11. That's beautiful !!! So wonderful that you could capture it all ...

  12. @ Adisha - Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting! :)
    This was one of those surprise shots! I didn't realize the beauty of it until i saw it on a big screen.. ;)

  13. Brilliant pic :)

    Ur pic reminded me of this

    keep it rollin;)

  14. @ Scribbler - I somehow missed your comment.. :-S
    Thanks for commenting.. :) and do visit again.

  15. Hey Neelima... I am doing the road trip from Srinagar to Leh (Overnight stay at Kargil) on 29th august 2013. Just curiously waiting for the D-Day... I had dreamt of being at Kargil right from school days. Praying to god that this trip would happen actually without any roadblocks from office :) more excited on seeign this piece in your blog...

    1. Good to know Jagan, I wish you have an amazing time visiting that enchanted land, I am sure you will come back with adventurous stories of your own. Everyone does. :)


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