Fishing @ Chitrakot Falls - Photo of The Week

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The horse-shoe shaped Chitrakot Falls on Indravati river at a height of 100ft are a sight to behold
Location: Bastar, Chattisgarh

More Details and Pictures Here -

I see a sudden increase in search hits for "CHITRAKOT FALLS" since morning on my blog. If you are one of those persons who came here through yahoo SE.. would you mind telling me what triggered the sudden interest?
Just Curious! :)

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  1. You take such good landscape pictures that I seriously wish that you start using a DSLR. Keep clicking.

  2. Nice picture madam... keep clicking and post more pictures... Also it will be really nice if you give some info about the place when you put the pic

  3. @ Amrit - Thank you.. :)
    I am struggling to manage my finances between shopping/eating/travelling.. A DSLR in just next in line.. :D

    @Vinod - Thank you sir! A whole post dedicated to the beautiful place is coming up soon. Keep watching this space. :)

  4. That's a fantastic picture! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your hikes in India are interesting. Will be back to read more.

  5. Awesome Pic ... a DSLR/Tripod would have been the ultimate pic..
    Any ways Super Pic...

  6. Your photography is gorgeous! And the TrekEarth photos are absolutely breath-taking! I wish I had traveled so much - somehow chances never came along at the right time!
    And thank you for blogrolling me! :)

  7. awesome pic neelima. chitrakot is in my wish list for a while now. looking forward for the travelogue :)

    btw ... i guess u havent seen the feeds to my blog: and Just noticed that u've kept links without feed :) Thought it'll help.

  8. @ Bindu - Thank you for visiting my blog :) I will be writing more posts about my travels in India as well. Glad you found it interesting.

    @ Vaibhav - Thank you for the compliment and also thank you for bearing with my pestering and commenting on my blog.. ;)

  9. @ Kokonad -Thank you so much.. shutterbug bit me along with travelbug! :) I always wanted to travel but only recently i have been able to realize the dream too..

    @ Sandeep - Chitrakot was awesome! Chattisgarh totally floored me. You better make a trip to the place before it is pulled out of its obscurity. ;)
    I have been meaning to ask you one of these days regarding feed.. thank you for pointing it out.. :)

  10. thnx for updating it ... now it looks nicer ;-)

    btw ... ur blog is already in my blogroll:

  11. @ Joshi - Thanks for stopping by!:)

    @Sandeep - Wonderful! that makes it my first entry in someone's blogroll.. Thank you :)

  12. Totally loved it. Beautiful composition.

  13. Thats an amazing pic... truly breathtaking...

    I am mesmerized by Chattisgarh... glad I found your blog... :)

    BTW... please put up a "followers" widget...

  14. in the month of May the falls had this much water?

  15. @ Arun - Thank you.. :)

    @ Roshmi - Glad you liked my blog.. :) Chattisgarh is truly a mesmerizing place.. Watch out this space for more updates on the land of surprises(As Chattisgarh Tourism Board likes to put it :D )!

    Also i have put up the followers widget.

    @ Rukna - Water was very less when compared to its usual glory but it was still a sight! Water was falling from two places covering some 20% of the whole width. during monsoons the width of the falls reach 100-200 meters.

  16. Great! Look forward to them...

    And, I am a follower already... !!!

  17. Beautiful snap. I would love to see this place.

  18. @ Lazyclick - Thank you for stopping by! :) The place is indeed very lovely..

  19. Thanks Dhanush for stopping by my blog! Welcome and Glad you liked my photo.. :)
    Also thank you for blogrolling me! yay! :) Am subscribing to your photoblog too..

  20. Thanks for Blogrolling me too, even though some of my pictures carry Malayalam Text. Feels Honoured :)

  21. A picture speaks a thousand words! Language no Bar.. :)


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