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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A rainy day @ SAP.

Forgive me for the bad quality of the picture but the pattern was so lovely i couldn't resist! :)
Handheld shot in office corridors at dusk.
View from a distance of 50cms approx for best results. :D

aftereffects of rain-small

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  1. Nice shot - do you have a flickr account? Flickr is the best place to put up photographs actually.

  2. u shud invest on a tripod to get better shots in low light. if not a tripod, try using some support for the camera, like keeping it in the ground or on a chair/table. nice frame, otherwise ...

  3. Nice Pic Neelima!!keep up the good work going..
    Do let me know if u need some help :P

  4. Thank you guys. :)

    @Amrit - I do have a flickr acc but i use it mainly for storage and posting. However i do have an account in TrekEarth for photography. Its a pretty nice site with lots of member interaction. Do check it out.

    @Sandeep - I usually use something for support like rocks/walls but this time had no chance as it was a very low POV and the place was all wet :(
    I will invest in a tripod once i invest in a camera. :) Have to upgrade to a DSLR one of these days.

    @Asha - Sure..sure. why not? :P

  5. nice out come in that difficult situation!

  6. Neelima - You really have a great sense of photography. Your pictures are really should have a big heart to see good things out of anything and good eyes and a mind to capture that thing through photograhpy!


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