Ulsoor Redefined!

Monday, March 23, 2009

One fine morning I decided to go on a photowalk around Ulsoor lake and the result was quite astonishing! That is when I realized beauty is all pervading and you just need to look carefully. :)

The park along Ulsoor lake was looking especially pretty as the morning sunrays worked wonders with nature's color palette. I was kneeling, crawling and what not around the place and must have definitely given the curious onlookers/joggers a good laugh but I am glad I did what I did. Do these pictures look like they have been taken right at the center of a bustling cosmopolitan? Guess not... :)

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  1. indeed ... .beauty is everywhere and a good photographer is one who sees it :)

    good pics neelima ... and nice to see new posts and a new template coming up here.

  2. thanks Sandeep!

    I have been experimenting with the template for a while now and I actually found it to be more interesting that blogging itself. :D
    But now the muse has passed and am back to blogging.

  3. Oh wow!! These are great pictures of an urban lake.
    3, 4 and 5 are picture perfect postcards.

    Keep blogging. You have a great site.

  4. wow ..I have a new respect for Bangalore lakes!! I'll look carefully at the ones I pass by on the way to office..

    And are you editing the blog template yourself? Didnt know blogspot had such tabbed features available.

  5. @Prashanth - Thanks :)

    @Nikhil - Thank you and Glad that my post helped.. ;)
    Many of the lakes/waterbodies in bangalore look beautiful..in the absence of trash of course! Heard Ulsoor lake was also once a badly maintained lake. Seems some heavy dredging helped restore the beauty of it a couple of years back.

    Blogspot as such doesn't have tabbed feature. I am tweaking the template. Interesting time pass.. :)

  6. :O u really took these pics in Blore ..I don't believe it..REALLY AWESOME pics neelima ..super asalu...

  7. Yes Vaibhav! I really took these pics in Bangalore. and Thank you :)


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