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Hi there! I see you’ve taken an interest in getting to know me. :)
"There is pleasure in the pathless woods
There is rapture on the lonely shores;
There is society, where none intrudes
By the deep sea, and music in its roar
I love not the man less, but nature more." - Lord Byron
That's the story of my life. I traveled to Ladakh in 2008 and that trip turned me into a hopeless and incurable travel addict. I am a travel writer and photographer. I have been traveling in India since 2008 and till date I haven’t been able to see all of this country. It is my dream that by the time I turn 30, I would’ve set foot in all States and Union Territories of India. I’ve been to 20 states and UTs so far. From the remote forests of Andaman and Chhattisgarh to the border areas of Nagaland and Kashmir, I’ve seen the amazing diversity.

What started out as a simple vacation ended with me obsessing over Mountains and Nature. I love the mountains and the forests and the rivers and the waterfalls and everything natural. I’ve returned to the Himalayas countless times, I’ve hiked on many trails in the Western Ghats, Eastern Ghats, even along the coast. Heck, I’ve even trekked for 5 days in the Thar Desert! I have summited a 6000m peak in the Himalayas(Stok Kangri) apart from other high altitude treks. I love camping and I am a big fan of nightskies, galaxies and star gazing. Traveling in India has been amazing and the more I travelled, the more I realized there were more and more hidden gems waiting for me to explore, even in a country as well-explored as India

I am constantly in search of offbeat places that few have known about. I have been to many beautiful yet unexplored places such as Sikkim in monsoons, hiked in search of heavenly lakes and valleys of Kashmir, the church that’s submerged in water, a village where no one wears footwear and many more. I also cycle in the mountains of Western Ghats; the longest I’ve cycled in a day was 140kms. I’ve cycled up to Ooty, to Mullyangiri, Munnar, Thekkady, Madikeri to name a few where we covered at least 150+kms over the weekend with lots of uphill climbing and downhill riding. 

I carry my bulky DSLR(Canon EOS 550D + Tokina 11-16mm lens) and a steady tripod wherever I go. I have won few photography awards and I am also a published freelance travel writer. My stories and images have appeared in BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller India, The Hindu and The Alternative to name a few. Here's all my published work

I probably would’ve been miserable if Western Ghats weren’t so close to me and Himalayas just a flight away. It goes without saying that I love monsoons too. I travel with friends or solo, but I make sure I travel. My wanderings have taken me from the super remote islands of Andaman to the Headhunting tribes of Nagaland to the high passes of Ladakh to the deserts of Rajasthan and all over India. During these journeys, I have encountered wild elephants, bisons, vipers on treks, waded through pools of gorgeous gorges,  bitten by leeches, woke up with a snakeskin in my hut, lost our way in the thick of the forest, camped without food or water or shelter, shivered to death but also in the process, had the time of my life. Of course travel is awesome and all that but I also feel travel has its downside

Nope, I am not a full time traveler yet. Mostly I am a weekend warrior with at least 4-5 major trips a year. If you are wondering, here’s how I manage leaves at work. I quit my job as programmer 18 months ago, gave up my home 12 months ago and I'm now part of the growing tribe who call themselves "Digital Nomads". Here’s me giving a bigger discourse of my life as a traveler, if you still have the inclination to know more that is. :)

About this blog

You can find me blogging here about my adventures, off beat places that I’ve visited, few guides and a whole lot of photoessays. Also do expect insane amounts of Himalaya and Western Ghats love on this blog. The header menu should help you find posts from each of the Indian state that I’ve been to. 

And do comment to say hi or if you liked some post. I love interacting with fellow travellers and listen to your stories. 

You can contact me at i.thewanderingsoul@gmail.com or find me on twitter or facebook

~ Neelima.

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