Wednesday, May 2, 2012

7 Travel Videos : Inspiration From Around The World

I am sorry but I might just make it impossibly hard for you to sit and work today. Either that or you will be inspired. As for me, I am bouncing between being highly inspired to being terribly depressed! Inspired for what can be done and depressed for I am writing about it instead of doing it!

Here are seven awesome videos that always make me want to pack my bags and get lost right away!

1. Blank Spaces

This video represents everything that adventure is to me! The location and filming is top notch. The music sets the mood perfectly and well the spirit, it is everything. Blank Spaces was a finalist in the Your Big Break competition a global search for the next great filmmaker but frankly speaking I liked this much much more than the winning entry. Hey, c'mon who doesn't want to name a ..okay I'll let you see. 

2. Way Back Home

Never knew all this could be done on a mountain bike. I keep my eyes glued to the screen as he jumps onto anything and everything and lands back safely. It goes without saying the locations and music are awesome.

3. Kadinchey

Kadinchey means "Thank you" it seems. My heartfelt thanks to Nick for making this video. Sounds of a country is an innovative idea and the execution is perfect. It just transports me to the land of the Thunder Dragon. The song and the little girl will stay with you, for long.

4. Make it Count

Running was never so much fun, ever more so when you are running in different countries, flying across borders, jumping into natural pools and it is all paid for! The background score sets the pace for you to fully immerse yourself into the joy that comes from travel. Oh, the awesome quotes will make you think and will make you smile!

5. Move

We've all heard "The great affair is to move". Rick seems to live by it. In just over a minutes he takes us places and it is a ride you don't want to miss!

6. Where the Hell is Matt?

It's been more than  4 years since Matt shot this video. It has done millions of rounds over the internet. Today you can see him do the jig for Visa commercial too. But even today it is impossible not to smile when you see this video. It is a pure joy to watch Matt do the funny dance around the world with a huge smile plastered on your face. What is so nice about it? Go figure! Maybe we all want to just dance.

7. Reclaim Your Life

One of those ads that asks the right questions! Seriously, what would you remember?

Which one was your favorite?

Did you feel like packing your bags reading this post? (Please Please Please say yes! *Praying*)

Any other awesome videos that you know of? Tell me in the comments.

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