In Search of Light at Corbett - Club Mahindra's Bloggers' Meet!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The noise is deafening but I am much thankful about the ability of human brain to totally phase out the distractions and transport one to a different time and day altogether. This Diwali, the sound of crackers is slowly fading out as the gentle echo of the flowing river is ringing in my ears. A vision forms in my head, of a huge glass window, of a comfortable bed, of green forests beyond and a charming river called Kosi. A week before, I spent few days in the foothills of Himalayas, wandering in the dreamy realms of forests around Corbett.

Few weeks ago, when I was invited for a blogger’s meet hosted by Club Mahindra, truth to be told, I was more excited about meeting fellow bloggers than being in Corbett itself. I think I had forgotten what it felt like, to be in forests. I thank Corbett for reminding me of the grandeur of the woods! I thank club Mahindra for taking me there to begin with.

The first thing that struck me as we reached our rooms was the view, it was gorgeous! Usually resorts almost always do have a good view, but the reason I liked this view so much more was the resort’s proximity to the river and the cozy feeling surrounding it. The nights were comfortably cold as opposed to the piercing cold winter nights which made it possible to walk by the river side and watch the hills beyond till late nights. While the mornings were quite pleasant, nights were spectacular. Starry skies used to surround us as darkness descended. Whiling away time waiting for shooting stars and watching the moon rise over the hill reflecting the silvery glow in the flowing waters were some of the best memories of the trip. To think that there was a time when darkness used to scare me! [Frankly speaking I still am afraid of darkness, well in weird places. ;)]

If that was about idling in comfort in nature’s lap, the eclectic mix of people was just as fun with varied conversations and discussions. With social media experts to naturalists and travelers to photographers, the group had it all. What such different people brought along with them were such different perspectives. Few were happy watching the colorful avifauna, while few were interested in observing spiders and insects, few were busy trying to spot mammals, few were enjoying being in the forest and I was busy light stalking.

Like I said earlier, I had forgotten how it felt to be in the jungles. The moment we entered the jungles of Corbett, the show began! The forest came alive. The golden glow of the early morning sun and the greenery painted an unforgettable picture. I was gaping at the jaw dropping scenery unraveling itself at every turn and every once in a while when I turned back, something like this was happening!

The gleaming beams of sun rays from behind the leaves left me almost blinded at many occasions. Yet, I tried and tried to see through the lens, if not my eyes, the lens could have been burned for sure! Sunbursts, they are called, and I tried my best to capture as many as I could. Whenever the vehicle stopped for the bird watchers to observe, the sudden calmness instigated a desire to the listen to the song of the forest.

Next day, driving though the verdant jungle of Sal trees, I was all too eager to spot some magic again. Of course the light didn’t disappoint me! Golden glow and faint silhouettes was the picture being painted today by the gods. Watching the streaks of rays through the canopy, I was smiling involuntarily. As much trouble it was, waking up at ungodly hours to reach the forest by the golden hour, it was all worth it!

I came back charmed by the forests and stunned by the play of light, a photographer’s delight! Don’t you agree?

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  1. lovely post and wonderful pics, Neelima!!! I was thinking of all of you the whole of last week, while I was in Sringeri and around, and when at River Tern Bhadra, the view was so gorgeous, I was telling Samhith that you would have settled right in the middle of the bridge with your tripod and camera, clicking some incredible pics of the view! esp the night view of the moon and the stars over the vast reservoir, which was just too amazing! hope we get to meet again!

  2. The 3rd photo :

    glowing fresh
    admired by
    a mellow Sun,
    dressed in
    dark emerald green,
    a burnt sienna wrap
    held together
    by a pale shining
    pewter cummerbund.

    Getting started
    the original
    citizens ot Corbett
    for their ritual
    sips of water

    And then
    she bids the leaves
    be still,
    and glares
    at the big tree on the banks.

    Be still.
    A jeepfull of bloggers
    have arived
    and someone is clicking.

  3. Hey Neelima, been following your facebook updates but probably first time at your blog. Loved the shots - love the light and just long to step into the wilderness. I was in Kabini / Bandipur earlier this year and it was just awesome. check out the pics . its there on my blog. you should be able to find the post, its on the first page itself. stay connected.

  4. Great shots. Looks like you all had a great time.

  5. ## Anu - ah, that would've been lovely. Next time around I should do one entire trip dedicated to night photography. Sleep all day and click all night. :)

    ## Ugich Konitari - Lovely words, thanks much! :)

    ## Mayank - I always ignored National Parks and sanctuaries. But they do have their own charm, despite the thousand safari vehicles. Couldn't find you post btw. Thanks! :)

    ## R Niranjan Das - Thanks, it was a good trip. :)


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